The 90s- Many Memories- No Evidence!”

Groove is in the Heart- Tribute to the 90's and Beyond is fronted by male and female power vocals, with a high energy show and specialized set list. They bring passion, laughter, and positive energy to the stage as they perform in a way that is unmatched. The precise "Big Voice" vocals of Josie Day enable this band to tackle songs from great artists like Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, and Cristina Aguilera. Co-front Dan Gildenhorn specializes in Rap, Rock-rap, and Alternative rock styles that open them up to endless possibilities. Backed by Mr. Meter himself- Mikey Panonne, The Stud Cody Christian (Bass), The Curls- Alec Peterson (Lead Guitar), and Rock Goddess- Sandi Shaner (Vocals, Guitar, Keys). 

Let's Rock!

Sample Video

Groove is in the Heart 

Aerials (system of a Down) 

Again- Alice in Chains

Are You Gonna Go My Way- Kravitz 

Baba- Alanis Morissette 

Bawitdaba+- Kid Rock 

Bootylicious+- Destiny’s Child 

Bring Me to Life+ Evanescence 

BYOB –System of a Down 

Call Me When Sober+- Evanescence 

Cowboy+- Kid Rock 

Cupid Shuffle- Cupid 

Down- 311 

Edge of Glory- GaGa 

Evenflow-  Pearl Jam 

Everlong-  Foo Fighters 

Far Behind- Candlebox

Fighter+ Christina Aguilera 

Firework- Katy Perry 

Flagpole Sitta-  Harvey Danger 

Groove is in the Heart+ Dee’Lite 

Higher Ground- RHCP 

Hunger Strike- Temple of a Dog 

I'm Not Okay- My Chemical Romance

In the End-  Linkin Park 

In the Middle-  Jimmy Eat World 

Kids aren’t alright- Offspring 

Killing Me Softly 

Let’s Get it Started+- Black Eye’d Peas 

Lump- The Presidents 

Man in a Box- Alice In Chains 

Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson 

Mother Mother- Tracy Bonham

My Own Worse Enemy- Lit

Mysery Business- Paramore 

Numb+-Linkin Park 

Pretty Fly for a White Guy- Offspring 

Santa Monica- Everclear 

Shine- D- Collective Soul 

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana 

So What?- Pink 

Spiderwebs- No Doubt 

State of Love and Trust- Pearl Jam 

Steve McQueen- Sheryl Crow 

Stop!- Jane’s Addiction 

Sunday Morning+ No Doubt 

The Sign+- Ace of Base 

The Warmth- Incubus 

Thunderkiss 65- Zombie 

Titanium- Metal Version 

Tub Thumpin- Chumbawumba 

Under the Bridge- RHCP 

Uninvited+ – Alanis 

Walk – D- Pantera 

Whatever- Godsmack

Wicked Garden- Stone Temple Pilots

Wish You Were Here- Incubus 

Zombie- Cranberries